Archipelago Investments is a boutique consultancy whose core business is to provide high value-added technical services to non-residents wishing to invest or reside in Portugal, particularly in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

It provides services aimed at combining all the advantages inherent in the excellence of Madeira as a destination with the tax benefits and legal framework associated with the relocation of people and investments.

The company has also been acting as an agency for attracting new residents and foreign investment to the regional market, providing a full package service, helping with the technical framework of the instruments that best suit each client's particular situation.

The service it proposes to provide is of a high technical standard and will be developed in a multidisciplinary manner and with a high level of professionalism, thus ensuring that the expectations generated are effectively realised.

In other words, it is a turnkey service, provided under a specialised consultancy regime by highly competent senior consultants, who will take care of all stages of the associated administrative, tax and/or investment process, including the following:

i) publicising the solutions on offer

ii) analysing the particular situation

iii) developing the fit with the client

iv) presenting the solution

v) monitoring the implementation of the solution

mission and values

To promote the development of differentiating and excellent solutions that bring added value to the client, within the framework of commercial relationships anchored in credibility and trust.

Its actions in the market are based on values of rigour, transparency and independence, seeking to guarantee, at all times and in the first line, the solutions that best suit its clients.

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